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Automatic Filing of Emails

Use Outlook as you normally do and SalesOutlook CRM will autiomatically file Emails for you! No more lost communications or asking what was sent to a customer. Users automatically document as they send and receive emails.

Familiar Interface

The best CRM is the one you’ll actually use. Open Outlook and you are in your CRM, online or offline you have access to all of your data and Outlook features! Users need less training and will always be in the CRM.

Reporting and Analytics

Use Excel, Power BI or Crystal Reports for a wide range of reporting and analytics! Data analytics can give you insight into sales data and pipeline.

Document Management

Use Word or Excel for a complete document management system. Attach files or links to shared documments (i.e. OneDrive, SharePoint).

Email Templates and Marketing.

Use SalesOutlook's email templates for your email campaigns and workflows. Use Best of Class Constant Contact or Mailchimp (free 2000 contacts) if your company is heavy into email marketing.

Opportunity and Pipeline Management

Track your forecast and pipeline with SalesOutlook. Automatically file emails to the newest opportunity.

Outlook Based CRM
CRM Embedded in Outlook

SalesOutlook is your CRM for Outlook. As you cycle through your emails you will know which contacts are in SalesOutlook. See all activities and emails from everyone in the company. If the contact is not in SalesOutlook then click on the name in the side panel to add the contact. Use the side-panel to quickly create a task, appointment, opportunity, customer inqiry or note.

  • Quickly see if a Contact is in the CRM from an Email.
  • See all Activities and Emails for a Contact.
  • Create a Contact from an Email.
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Advanced Reporting

Reporting is a must for a CRM. SaleOutlook has multiple ways of Reporting to fit your needs. Our most popular Reporting Tool is our Excel Reports. Easily create reports in the format you need including Pivot Charts, Pivot Tables, Drill Down and List Reports.

  • Excel Reporting
  • PowerBI Reports and Analytics
  • Crystal Reports
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CRM Embedded in Outlook
CRM for Outlook
Opportunity and Pipeline Management

A sales opportunity can help businesses forecast future sales by analyzing historical data, industry trends, and sales patterns. This can help businesses make informed decisions about inventory management, staffing, and other resource allocation. It can also provide businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can help them tailor their marketing and sales strategies to better engage with customers. Opportunity forecasting helps businesses increase their sales efficiency and reduce the risk of errors or missed opportunities.

  • Improved Sales Forecasting
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement
  • Streamlined Sales Process
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Mobile Application

Download the SalesOutlook Mobile App from Apple App Store or Google Play store.

  • Easy Point and Click Interface
  • Unique & Modern Design For Your Business
  • Included in CRM Price - No Extra Cost
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CRM for Outlook
CRM for Outlook
Email Marketing

SalesOutlook provides for Email Templates that can be sent from an Email or Contact Record. Schedule a series of Emails, Tasks and Appointments with our Sales WorkFlow. Setup recurring Emails such as BirthDays, Holidays or Payment Reminders. Marketing Managers can elect to use Best of Class Email Marketing tools such as Constant Contact or MailChimp.

  • Create Email Templates from an Existing Email.
  • Send Mass Mailing and Schedule WorkFlows.
  • Best of Class Email Marketing with Constant Contact or MailChimp. (optional)
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CRM for Outlook

PC Office Products Integration


Outlook is used to keep track of Companies, Contacts, Opportunities, Customer Service and Activities. SalesOutlook uses the Outlook appointment and task items as you would normally use.


Word is used for Document management and Mail Merge. Create Word Templates with merge codes or a complete Mail Merge to Word to create labels or other documents for multiple contacts.


Excel is used for Document Management and for Reporting. Create and send Quotes and SalesOutlook merge codes will populate the spreadhseet automatically. Easily create an Excel report with pivot table and charts as well as list reports. Excel can alo be used to import data and send Email Campaigns.


Power BI reporting is built in and Power BI Desktop can be used for advanced analytics and AI style reporting. Get in sync with the most powerfull data analytics from Microsoft.

OneDrive and SharePoint

Store all you Emails (and attachments) and Documents in the cloud with our SharePoint or OneDrive integration. Other shared services such as Google Drive and DropBox can also be used.


Teams is used to dial and log a call to a contact. Dial directly from a contact record and a note will pop up so you can log your call. Teams Phone system addon is required for this feature.


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New PowerBI Reporting and PowerBI Desktop Analytics.

Powerful Analytics

Expand the power of your SalesOutlook data by incorporating the newest analytics software from Microsoft. Build your own reports or utilize the AI Style "Ask for data" in PowerBI Desktop. Enjoy the latest technology in reporting. Easily build your own reports and distribute to others or keep them private.

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New SharePoint Storage Option

SalesOutlook users can now store all email and attachments to SharePoint effectivly giving an Organization an Email Archiving tool for customer emails. Other shared drives such as OneDrive, Google Drive or DropBox can also be used. SharePoint is the best solution to store the abuundant amount of infornmation that is captured in Emails.

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New SalesOutlook DashBoard

The new SalesOutlook DashBoard filters data for your items that you work on. The default is 30 days. If you have a lot of users then the DashBoard will show you just your appointments for the week, tasks due and items you are working on. See your week in a glance so you never miss an appointment or tasks due. See all the recent items you have been working on.

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